Trehaus presents Cooking Classics


Are you raising 21st century kids?

The future of education is here these summer holidays. Trehaus presents Chef Tim Ong & team, Singapore’s experts on cooking with kids! From Vietnamese spring rolls to brownies, from fluffy pancakes to pizzas, your little ones will get the keys to many happy cooking sessions at home with Cooking Classics, in addition to learning about food sciences, hygiene and safety.

The future of education is here with Trehaus’ very first kids’cooking camp!

Between 4th to 8th of June, Trehaus presents Cooking Classics for little masterchefs aged 5 and upwards.

Dates: 4th to 8th June 2018 (Monday to Friday)

Time: 9am - 3pm daily

Venue: Trehaus

  • Early bird pricing UNTIL 11th May: pay $85 to book your slot, $550 at the door (cash or NETS)

  • Full pricing 12th May ONWARDS: pay $135 to book your slot, $550 at the door (cash or NETS)

  • Prices include ingredients, breakfast, lunch & tea

  • Please note that deposits are non-refundable in the event of no-show.

Who is conducting this workshop?

Tim Ong is the chef owner of Jaxs Bistro & Pizzeria and Victus Catering. He and his team of chefs are no strangers to cooking with kids, running one of the largest culinary programs, voted as 9 of the best cooking classes around the world by Silver Kris – Singapore Airlines Travel Guide.

Here is the schedule of what the masterchefs will be up to:


What do I need to bring to this camp?

Do bring along your own water bottles, a spare t-shirt and a huge smile! The children will eat what they prepare at Cooking Classics, so you don’t need to pack snacks!

My child has allergies! What do we do?

No problem! Do let us know and on a case-to-case basis we can discuss substitutions, or how we might go about it to ensure your child can learn and grow through Cooking Classics without a hitch!

We’re flying back home on Thursday! What if I can only come for part of the camp?

No problem! While your child may prepare something that we might only bake up the next morning (and you’re already at the airport at that time) - we can consider your availability and pro-rate Cooking Classics for you!

Why does this camp cost what it does?

After years in the restaurant business and working with kids, Chef Tim and his team believe that children should be empowered to learn about and use good ingredients in the kitchen. In Cooking Classics, we do not use hydrogenated fats and avoid the use of palm oil. From the good flour in our pancakes to the rich dairy in our tiramisu, from the quality meat in our beef sliders to the power foods like chia seeds in our brownies - we have focused on getting quality ingredients so that flavour and texture is not compromised and so that we know it has produced safely and responsibly.

On Friday with the confidence of all that they have learnt at Cooking Classics, your kids will invite you to “Restaurant Day” where you will enjoy a lunch that they’ve prepared!

With this generous variety of raw materials across cuisines from Japanese to Italian, we can can stretch the kids’ understanding of what they’re using in the kitchen - making the experience all the more thoughtful.

Your global citizens will be equipped to better understand the world through food, growing their curiosity and giving them confidence. Plus, they’ll bring home new recipes for you all to try together in the kitchen!

Why is this no ordinary cooking camp?

You’ve seen Masterchef Junior - and like you parents, Chef Tim does not underestimate the passion, enthusiasm and creativity children can exude in a kitchen setting - given clear and experienced instruction.

You will note that kids will be taught responsibility, kitchen safety and hygiene early on in the camp, and also be exposed to kitchen techniques and scientific concepts that open the door to the lessons they’ll learn in school, too.

The days start with workshops, establishing key ideas surrounding ingredients. After making their own lunch, the kids launch into masterclasses on dough, cake, tarts and frosting. As they explore concepts, they will interact with questions that beget more questions!

Why do we knead dough? Gluten is a protein that allows bread to expand in the oven, and makes it chewy. Why is sugar important in baking? It’s ‘hygroscopic’, and holds on to moisture, giving cake softness and mouthfeel. How do we handle fruit and vegetables in the kitchen? Do we need different chopping boards for handling meat? How do we rinse fruit without bruising them? Does all chocolate taste the same? Does it matter where it’s grown?

For a child learning about their world, being able to prepare their own food from scratch - meeting such a basic need, is deeply empowering. Beyond pouring their own bowl of cornflakes, beyond buttering their own toast, this experience has the power to create so many questions in their head - as to what the ingredients are, where they come from, why this burns quicker than something else. It plants seeds of curiosity, feeding that wonder of childhood we try so hard as parents to cultivate.

Brought up with a love of food, Chef Tim has a thoughtful, truly joyful approach to cooking. He loves what he does, and this spirit of adventure is infectious!

What is this camp inspired by?

We love watching issues based news, and recently we caught one from ATTN about food and education. In Japan, schoolchildren are taught about healthy food in their day-to-day activities. In some cases, they tend a school garden that they harvest - with produce being used for their school lunches. They take turns serving the freshly made food to their classmates during lunch hour. They say thank you to those who made the food. They clean up after themselves. Japan has some of the lowest rates of child obesity in the world, as well as long lifespans and wellbeing.

Seeing the impact of such a great attitude towards fresh produce and healthy food, we were inspired by this to equip 21st century kids with self-sufficiency and a curiosity surrounding food. With Chef Tim’s excellent track record in working with kids, we were inspired to offer something truly immersive for kids this summer holidays, in our modern village of Trehaus.

Jun 4 - Jun 8, 2018
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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM SGT
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